Cake Blending Sponge

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** NOTE: this sponge will be packaged with two free products from our previous collection and those free items will have our old logo. **


Our microfiber  Cake Blending Sponge is:



•Expands up to 2x size when wet.

•Can be used with liquids, powders and creams for all-over coverage. 

This is a great product to use for all-over coverage due to its large size and it absorbs very little product. 



Saturate the sponge with water and squeeze out any excess. Dip the sponge into your product of choice and use bounce motions to blend the product onto the skin. The bottom of the sponge is best used for foundation coverage and the swiveled  side is best used for blending. 



To avoid buildup clean the sponge after each use. Saturate the sponge in a mild soap and work into a later (it’s best to use a bar soap over liquid soap because the sponge tends to absorb liquid soap). Rinse and repeat until the sponge is completely clean and squeeze out excess water. To prevent molding and bacteria set the sponge out to dry in an open space- do not cover.



Net Weight 0.5 Oz. 
Sponge size is 2” x 2”  and growth depends on water saturation. 



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