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Faux Mink Lashes | Elegant


Our faux mink lashes are soft, durable, handmade and cruelty free. Our lashes can be worn up to 25 times depending on care.  Use a mild soap to wash them.

Directions: With clean hands lift the lashes from the packaging and measure the lash band length to match your lash line- cut any extra if necessary.  Apply an even layer of lash adhesive to the lash band. Allow the lash glue to become “tacky” and place the lash to your lash line and press into place.


Each box contains one pair of lashes.


Care: Remove from packaging. Douse the lashes in clean water and use a pea size amount of mild soap. Use a cotton swab or Q-tip in even strokes to create a lather. Wash until clean. Lay the lashes on the tray to dry completely.